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In the Verrettes commune, located in the heart of Haiti's Artibonite Valley, a quiet movement of community transformation has begun. Through its local partners, the FAMILY Institute of Haiti is reframing the central questions of some of the nation's most pressing priorities: education, agricultural and economic development, and healthcare. To do other than consider these urgent issues through an interconnected paradigm is to risk a persistent status quo within which families languish and children fail.

In Haiti, FAMILY seeks to create sustainable stable economic, social, and physical environment in which Haitians can live a dignified life, enjoy economic opportunities, and are empowered to participate actively in the decisions affecting their communities through an organizing system promoting mutual support. We work primarily to build partnerships with national and local government entities, individuals, community organizations, and national and international NGOs. We work to integrate the services of our partners while promoting community participation and ownership.

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FAMILY Tuskegee Institute of Haiti

In the troubled landscape of post-Civil War Reconstruction in the US, the challenges confronting the southern states were similar to many present in contemporary Haiti. The Tuskegee Institute was started on a former plantation in Alabama to provide vocational and life skills to former slaves and to help them become self-reliant. With its emphasis on coupling academic and vocational learning, Tuskegee emerged as a leader in harnessing the power of education to transform the lives of disadvantaged communities.

Tuskegee University has partnered with FAMILY to establish the FAMILY Tuskegee Institute of Haiti. In league with multiple local and international partners, the FAMILY Tuskegee Institute of Haiti applies FAMILY's model of organizing to engage problems confronting the community of Verrette. Ecole La Providence, the forerunner of the FAMILY Tuskegee Institute of Haiti, was founded in 1968 and has been a source of local empowerment through academic and vocational training for multiple generations. The Ecole Normale de Liancort (Local Teachers College), one of our vital local partners, is now headed by one of its graduates. The FAMILY Tuskegee Institute's Education Program supports the development of academic and vocational training in the areas of forestry, agriculture and health care. It is our contention that this educational infrastructure is foundational to sustainable economic development in the community.

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FAMILY stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Haiti suffering from the devastating earthquake of January 12. Please click here to see how you can support us and our partnering organizations in vital relief efforts.

Verrettes Commune by the Numbers
  • Located in the Artibonite Department and the Arrondissement of Saint-Marc.
  • According to the 2005 census of the Institut Haitien de Statistiques et D’Informatique (IHSI), the population of the town was estimated at 113 854 inhabitants.
  • The sex ratio was 94 men per 100 women at the same time.
  • Nearly 26.0% of the population lived in urban areas.
  • For an area of 356.7 km2, the density of the town was estimated at 319 inhabitants per km2.
  • Between 1982-2003, the annual growth rate of the population of the town of Verrettes was around 3.3%.
  • The population distribution by major age group is structured as follows: 37.3% of the population is aged under 15 years; 57.3% 15-64 years; and 5.4% aged 65 more.
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