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FAMILY Advocates are capable and compassionate individuals drawn from the community in which they serve. They work directly with children and families in the community. Their goal is to catalyze the formation of a comprehensive, sustainable, and replicable support network that is responsive to the needs of the children, families, and individuals living in the Codman Square community.

FAMILY Advocates
"Give me a lever long enough [and a place to stand] and single-handed I can move the world..."
-- Archimedes
Pam Bailey, FAMILY Advocate
The lever that FAMILY Advocates rely on is an ancient and powerful one—the instinctive desire of a parent to nurture his or her child. FAMILY Advocates seek to strengthen the bonds of family by corralling tailored supports around each family unit in the community.

The place to stand is right in Codman Square. Their facility with the myriad social service agencies in the city enables the FAMILY Advocate to ensure that each family receives the unique supports it needs.

The essence of their work is relationship-building. FAMILY Advocates are people, not programs. Their role is to foster connections between individuals, so that systems of mutual support are grown in natural and enduring ways

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