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We want you to consider the importance of joining with us in continuing a second wave of support for Haiti, one that will be needed for many more years to come. To prevent a widespread crisis of despair, tangible expressions of hope-- in the forms of schools, jobs, infrastructure and more-- are needed in Haiti. FAMILY is at work to do just that.

In the heart of the Artibonite Valley, forty miles north of the earthquake's epicenter (see map), a quiet revolution has begun. FAMILY is at work with local and international partners to develop a robust educational system in the commune of Verrettes. And with the fallout from this unprecedented disaster, our work has become that much more urgent.

Already a significant internal migration within Haiti is under way, as
people depart the capital for the provinces, including large numbers of
students whose secondary schools in the city have been destroyed. So we have
decided to compress our time line for bolstering the local educational
system in the Artibonite Valley.

FAMILY's team has been assessing the rapidly changing situation on the ground, and working with our partners to implement a comprehensive plan for the region, with FAMILY playing the leadership role for developing the education system of the entire region.  We anticipate scaling up our efforts in the following key areas: Emergency Relief, Education, Agricultural development and Construction. (See here for more details)

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History will regard January 12th as a profound inflection point for Haiti. For now, our world has come together like a family in a heartwarming display of solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are suffering. However, the need for continued support will persist long after the glare of the news cameras have faded. Haiti's future - and ours - completely depends on the continuing realization that we are one family. Your tax-deductible contribution can help us continue this valuable work. We invite you to join us as we join with others to build a robust and resilient educational system in Verrettes, and also in the region south of Port au Prince and beyond.

FAMILY, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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