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DFSI Marathon Team

The Dorchester FAMILY School Initiative (DFSI) has launched the 2010 Boston Marathon Fundraiser in order to provide better health, social support and enrichment services for children attending our partner elementary schools: Oliver W. Holmes, Joseph Lee and Emily A. Fifield.  Our goal is to connect our students and their families to their schools and the local community. 

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Most importantly, DFSI offers these services in one place – the school – helping to create a community of families and teachers working together to ensure that every child in the DFSI community has the opportunity to be a successful learner.

The DFSI is a partnership of the three schools along with FAMILY, DotWell (a collaborative effort of the Codman Square Health Center and the Dorchester House Multi-Service Center), Wheelock College, Social Capital, Inc., Dorchester Neighborhood Service Center and a number of other local social, civic and health services organizations.  DFSI believes that the schools are a great place where families can turn for help and support and where children can feel safe.

Three runners will be representing DFSI in the Boston Marathon on April 19, including FAMILY's Associate Director, David Mark.  Please support our athletes by contributing to this fundraiser and encourage family members, friends, neighbors, & local vendors to donate. 
Last year we raised more that $48,000 that is helping the schools to:
  • coordinate social and emotional services within schools
  • support before-school and after-school programming
  • expose the children to positive youth development activities that will help them improve their health and wellness
  • provide enrichment activities that engage students in art, music, drama, and sports
  • connect families with community programs and services
  • support teachers and the schools to strengthen math and reading skills
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To help support our team, please click above and select "Our Work in Codman Square" under the “Program Designation” tab. (donating from this link automatically earmarks the support as for the marathon team!). Thank you for your interest in DFSI and our marathon team!